Dr. Thompson's Toothbrushing Tips

Dr. Thompson's Toothbrushing Tips
Posted on 11/18/2016

Recently, I have been asked for my best advice on how often children should visit their dentist. Even more often, I have been asked how many times each day we should all brush our teeth.

Here are my recommendations:

FIRST: Children should have their teeth cleaned every six months — just like their parents. The best time for children to begin coming to us for professional dental care is at age 3 — unless, of course, there is a reason to suspect a problem before that. We choose age three because we want to minimize any common fear of new situations that a child might have. It is our goal to begin building a lifelong habit that promotes healthy teeth and gums. If, for any reason, you do suspect a problem earlier than age 3, please call us as soon as you notice something. We want to make sure to catch any problem early while it is easiest to treat. If it turns out that there is no problem, we'll be happy to tell you that, too.

At our office, the very young children see me and my assistant for their first exam and "teeth counting" without any pressure. This gives them a low key experience that leaves them excited to come back the next time. We tell them that in the future, they will get to see me and our hygienist and we show them the hygiene rooms so they know what to expect next time. As a dad myself, I always want to make sure to give the best experience possible and to build positive memories.

SECOND: As you know, the ADA recommends that everyone brush their teeth twice a day — morning and night. I agree! A tip that I want to pass on to you is that you to wait at least 30 minutes after eating to brush your teeth. The reason for waiting is that, while eating, your food produces acid that we don't want worked into your teeth. Brushing your teeth too soon causes the acid to be rubbed on the tooth which can cause wear. If you need to brush sooner, you can rinse with water to neutralize the acid.

We LOVE our young patients! Along with all of our patients! Although we are not a pediatric dental office, we welcome the children of our established patients to our dental family.