Financial & Insurance


FinancialWe are committed to letting you know the cost of your treatment before it is provided so that you are not surprised. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust and understanding as we work together for your best dental health. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding your treatment or its cost.

Of course, charges are due at the time of treatment. For your convenience, we have several payment options. We accept cash, check, and credit cards. We also have payment programs through CareCredit or Lending Club for treatment totaling more than $1000 — these have the potential to be interest-free for a period of a year. Please ask a member of our team and we will be happy to help accommodate your financial needs.

If you need special arrangements, please speak with our Business Team prior to treatment.


Dental insurance is a benefit available to some patients. It is usually a contract between employers and a dental insurance company. The benefits received are based on the terms of the contract that were negotiated between a patient's employer and the dental insurance company — not the dental office. Most policies have a stated policy period — usually a year — and a maximum amount of benefits for that period. As long as the policy remains in effect, the benefits will reset on the policy anniversary.

Our office is committed to helping you maximize your insurance benefits. To that end, we will be happy to coordinate treatment and benefits when that is possible. It is our goal to help you achieve and maintain optimal dental health. This may conflict with negotiated benefits. Dr. Thompson always considers your health above every other factor.

As a courtesy, we will submit all insurance claims for you. We will attempt to make sure you receive your full insurance benefits; however, you are personally responsible for your account and we encourage you to contact us if your insurance has not paid within 30 days.

Because insurance policies vary, we estimate your coverage in good faith, but cannot guarantee coverage. The estimated portion may include a portion that is designated as patient responsibility which is expected to be paid at the time of treatment. As a service to you, we will bill the insurance company for treatment and allow them 45 days to render payment. After 60 days, the entire unpaid balance will be your responsibility for payment in full. If you have any questions, our experienced team is always available to speak with you.